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Y'all are really arguing over lore in a game where they call a character big hat logan because he has a big hat
I have pondered for years why his name was big hat Logan thank you.
My God! you are a genius thank you!
That’s not the only big thing he’s got
Someone call vaadi
To be fair, a lot of medieval texts and history affix sobriquets to influential figures based on visible traits or attitudes (Richard the Lionheart, Gandalf the Grey, etc)
Get out of town! That's why they named him that? Wish I had realized on my own I just feel silly now.
Artorias is left handed there is cover art of him surrounded by the abyss, before getting mauled by the abyss. In the pic it shows him holding the sword in his left hand. Its kind of hard to tell if it is him, because the piv shows his back. But you can see the sword and greatshield silhouette clearly
What in the world are you talking about
Artorias isnt left handed, his right arm is broken. Thats why he gave up his shield to protect sif, he couldnt use it anyways
Its the cover art for the first dark souls.silvermont made a video sepculating about it
dude are you braindead. his left arm is broken, not his right. hes left handed
In this video there is evidence of artorias being left handed. I hope it helps some of you with this.
So many dumbasses complaining if Artorias was left handed or not GUYS LITTERALY EVERY IMPORTANT DS CHARACTER WHO USES A SWORD IS LEFT HANDED! so why aren't you just believing that Artorias is Left handed just look at his fightstyle in DS1 its like a squire who've found a too big weapon to wield so if he wa right handed why does his fightstyle look so garbage?
He's been corrupted by the abyss. I don't think he cares about the way he fights. He just wants to kill.
20Aug, its also because his proper sword arm (his left), is broken beyond use (notice that it just kinda hangs there when he's fighting)
Anyone knows if its worth infuse this with Dark/Lightning?
If you have min stats yes, if you have 40/40/20/20 no but it would still work
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he is left handed. you can tell because he wields his sword weird in his fight with you, where he is fighting right handed. not to mention his ****ing resting pose, sword on back, left hand in front of him, shows that his LEFT hand is broken. meaning he cant wield the greatsword correctly in his right
making him left handed you ****ing walnuts
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Unless, he broke his left harm to protec Sif as he did, you found his broken shield. he broke his arm defending himself and sif with his shield.
who cares what hand he used his sword with, he just killed people, its like saying "do you write with your left or right hand?" its pointless, its the same result
if you use it in your left hand it has a totally different move set. that's the point of it being mentioned



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What an awesome inclusion. I didn't even know this existed before seeing it on a PVPSkillz best weapons video. I have a Sir Artorias gamertag itching to make a playthrough.
I come to this page expecting info, and all I see is Artorias, Artorias, ARTORIAS. Can't we all deduct that Artorias actually has no hands, they are an illusion. He uses his mind powers to move his sword, DUH.
Artorias is a very important character in the series and this sword is one of few good weapons which is in all three series.
his feet were actually his hands. hes left footed
Artorias is left handed. Yeah sometimes you an see him with sword in right hand but these scenes happened after his left hand was broken.