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You know how there are those playthroughs with “those” enemies? Ya know like there is at least one enemy that you have to kill dozens of just to get their drop? I’ve had a few in my current playthrough, man-serpents, banshees, drakes, but these guys took the cake, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had killed 200 of them before I got the bonewheel shield from them, heck I’ve killed every Black Knight before the Kiln and other than the shield I’ve gotten all their drops, even two swords and two halberds, and there are less than 10 of them before the Kiln, as I’ve written this I got the shield minutes ago so I’m here just to kinda vent and see if anyone else has had the same problem with any enemies. Reply to this if you had an enemy that you had to kill in droves to get a drop, it would be cool to tell me the enemy and the drop (assuming they drop more than one thing).