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Did anyone else have a really hard time w/ Rom? Everyone's experience is so different. I had a HORRIBLE time with her on my first play-through. She was the first bane of my Bloodborne existence. I don't know if I was under-leveled or what but I just cudn't get git gud w/ her for a long time.

Father Guacamole was a gut check cuz I was still playing cautious Souls-style. I walked through Vicar Amelia on my first try and I know some folks struggle with her. I didn't even know I was approaching a boss. I thought she was an NPC so I held off going near her while cleared out a lot of the level. When I walked in on her, I had like 6 bullets, 5 vials and low health. Then she turned into a giant deer. I was so surprised and worn out, I just assumed I was getting stomped. So I just danced around and laced her up w/ my trusty whip. Hit her w/ a few Oil Urns & Molotovs when she prayed. It took a while but was also one of my favorite boss fights. I don't think I've died to her since.

I beat Laurence on my first try because once again, I had no idea there was even a boss there (I somehow hadn't even heard of Laurence as a boss at that point). When he climbed down I was just like "WTF?!? I thought I was gonna find a hat or something". Afterwards, when I read about how difficult he is and realized how lucky I'd been, I avoided him on new characters cuz folks seem to HATE him lol.

Ludwig was by far the hardest boss in the game for me. He CRUSHED me for weeks. He'd smoke me so fast I wouldn't know what'd happened a lot of the time. Just smushed. The first time I got him to phase two where he stands up w/ the sword, I beat him. That first phase tho...

But Rom got in my head or something. I'd panic the minute she'd warp and started lobbing those spazzballs of ice. I wasn't judging the distance well of when the ice balls triggered. Or I'd get frantic and rush in to try and finish her and get spidered. I came within a speck of killing her so many times. She just had me shook or something.

Had a hard time w/ that clown Micolash cuz I cudn't figure out what the hell I was supposed to do. I kept running around hitting mirrors. When I'd finally get him face to face, he'd clap that nuclear explosion on me. No problems w/ Ebrietas. Living Failures actually punched me to death a few times (not the meteors but big looping punches to the face haha!).

Gehrman, Maria, OoK, and Marty were all as hard as I'd heard them to be, but some of the most fun bosses in the game (well, Orphan is an ordeal but I always look forward to getting pummeled by him until I unexpectedly win for reasons I never entirely understand). Some of the Chalice bosses were just cruel (like that second giant wolf-bear w/ the worm sticking out of his frigging neck).

Oh, and f%ck Lower Loran D-bag Pal.

And those shark guys. In the well. I still hear their gurgling howls in my dreams sometimes. Eff them forever.
If you summon people for this fight. For the love of Oedin, please stop attacking first phase Rom before killing the adds. It just makes the fight tediously annoying to have to keep a look out for her comets and 30 spiders. The beast pellet strat is the best thing to do. Now imagine 2 people smacking a non-guarded, non-hostile Rom with max breasthood and bolt fused weapons.
Now I'm imagining two characters with "max breasthood" and I can't stop laughing.
It’s easier doing a hit and run, less time to do and safer because of her large Arcane damage
Rom is best girl
Looks like a turd with fungi



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I remember fighting similar bosses already in Zelda for SNES. A gigantic eyeball and a jellyfish with their minions.
Yeah, the design idea is decades old. Even the Phalanx in Demons Souls is a copy of those former bosses.
Rom the F*ggot Spider. ****** hate this boss
How did you even lose?