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"Whenever you manage to score a couple of hits on him he'll summon a red skull with an AOE blast which will knock you back and take off around 50% of your health." saying that when you don't know what hp the reader has LUL
Why is his first phase the hardest?! Killed me like ten times before I got him to second phase, once I got through it though, the rest was easy
****ing magic casting *****
I love fighting dis boss for two reasons. one he is one of the few boss that is not part of the dlc that feels like you have give 100 percent focus to beat him. Second you have learn his moveset to not get hit all the time. In short I like the boss :)
How the hell is he not died from being out in that cold *** weather?
The ring of betroval, referenced above, does not say that Logarius wanted to marry queen analise. Also, that sentence is so grammatically lacking that it gave me an aneurism trying to read. Seriously, if we are to respect this website at all, this needs to be removed. Who is the 12 year old moron who wrote that, anyway?