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RIP Siegward
You were too pure, and the world you lived in was too cruel


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He isnt in the well for me. I missed the Patches meeting in the Cathedral and recruited him to Firelink after entering Irityhll, I have his armor and everything. He was even there earlier but after speaking once he disappeared
He died fighting Yhorm just now... now I feel empty... No, Siegward, you didn't fail Yhorm, I failed you...
I don’t think siegward dies after yhorm, he’s just returning to ash since he completed his goal of putting his old friend to rest
His destiny is probably to die during the fight leaving you his gear.
Maybe he was already dead from the start and the only thing keeping him going was his promise to Yhorm, his old friend. Once he or you deal with him he is free to go.
a toast to sigward the man who brightens are day with merriness and joy
Small correction (can't create account with my email to fix it):
"he will thank you for completing his task (killing Yhorm)"
I haven't killed Yhorm yet but he already gave me the items and thanked me. So either he just gives you the items at this time or it was triggered by another bosses like the pontiff or old demon king.
10/10 best waifu in the series. I'll miss him since DS is finished for now.


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i am about to commit a grave sin
i am going to murder siegward the moment i see him for the dialogue
so you all wont have to



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Good luck my friend
You are strong, friend. Results?
Onions have layers!
I gotta snake mane!!