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This ring pretty much tells you that if you choose to me a more pure spell casterm you're gonna need to backside covered as you're backstab bait. The poisecastbois probably could use this ring too.
useful for being a greatlance turtle
2021 shout-out.. I'm pretty certain this ring is amazing on my duel weird weapon buffer... Most the people around now only fish and latency to skilled players hornet dagger ripostes and backestab fishing happens... The chaos dagger definitely gets a nerfed riposte from this ring.. as it no longer is garanteed to break my tears
Op here, burst damage is how you win in invasions.. I ditched a few things for hornet, dragonscale... Even on my buffer.. 1200 hp and a way to combat a form of that burst dmg > almost 1350(or some other base stat thing) and eating it all.. still have them just my priorities have shifted as I learned
Pretty good ring but its pretty hard to fit over other more useful rings (slot 1 and 2 are almost always favor ring and prisoner's chain) while other slots are occupied by hornet, chloranthy,havel's,life ring,etc oftenly