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I've found a not terrible time to use it is if you're doing new Londo first at a low lv build for dark hand, if it happens to drop it's useful for that level, then just use the hand of succ
Did an all dagger run (harder than you think) and figured I'd grab all 6, spent 4 hours trying to get it, gave up and beat the game, next playthrough (I was going for a magic/str pvp build) I got it on the FIRST ****ING BANSHEE, thank you dark souls
Been playing this game since 2013 and I didn't even know this weapon was in the game lol
why would i use this when i have the jagged ghost blade, which is easier to get, inflicts bleeding and has a higher damage when +5 than this one in +5. the only advantage between this and the jagged is that this one has critical and is a very little bit lighter than the jagged