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Pyromancer's parting flame makes me go for this instead of a dagger for riposte, because fashion souls.. you can miss though... Oh pyromancer's parting flame adds nice dmg btw
Indeed. Dscar does a bit more damage with Sacred Flame then Parting flame, though I prefer how Parting Flame looks in general.


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As of 2016, you can grab both phases of abyss watcher with Sacred flame, besides that I dunno
"critical from Demon's Scar appears to affect this spell's damage"... in what way? increase?? decrease?? lol
Sacred Flame does the most damage with the Demon's Scar. Parting Flame deals close to that amount of damage, with the normal flame dealing a decent amount less then either.
Does it scale with pyromancy rings like witch’s ring and great swamp ring? And do those rings scale when they are both out on?
Yes. It's a Pyromancy.
Why would... a pyromancy... not scale with pyromancy boosting rings... ?????
there’s nothing more satisfying than blasting someone with this in pvp
give them a good pinch
You can use this spell for gwyn cosplay on the left hand as it is the closest thing to gwyn's grapple we have
with a profaned greatsword too
Yea totally
As you would expect, this also works on Halflight, Spear of the Church. I usually try to finish off that fight with this...just for the badassery of it all.