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So far, the cursed pthumeru chalice version is the hardest boss in the game for me. I keep on coming back stronger and stronger (level 170 now) and this douchebag keeps on tearing me apart.
A good Strat for the chalice dungeon one is to ALWAYS keep moving, and ALWAYS keep her in the middle. If you see her walking toward you, run behind. Run in front of her quickly and bait the stretch attack, and spam away at the arm. Phase 2 is essentially the same. Phase 3, as she's ripping her arms off, run toward her crotch and slam at its tail or crotch. If she jumps, run to where the tail was before she jumped, this should let you punish over and over, essentially locking her in that state. I had 50 VIT, 40 STR and 50 SKL. With LHB or Burial Blade, use L2 to bait the jump attack in phase 3 and deal damage to that one sweet spot at its chest.
Just beat the one in the chalice dungeon **** me what a *****
Just beat him with a STR build. 40 vit, 30 stam, and 50 str with LHS 10. Hung around the edges baiting him into using the slam attack. The moment he hit, ran forward and did a L2 attack on the head, then dodged back out of the way. If I couldn't reach the head in time, I'd attack an arm to still get in a hit. This worked for me until phase 3, where I had to change between being beneath him or behind him. The hardest part of phase three was being patient and getting the timing down to roll out of the way of his jump attacks. Those landings killed me more than anything else.

Keep at it, you can do this.
The cursed chalice variant is tough as hell and took me many tries, but overall I think Amygdala is my favourite Bloodborne boss.



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When you thought farming Silver Knights was bad...