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I have pyromancy flame +15. I discovered and joined the covenant. Have not even encountered bed of chaos yet. So why won't she spawn? I seriously think I hit a game bug.
I honestly think it's just random, if you have the lord vessel try warping somewhere else then back and checking if she spawned
Thanks for the recommendation, but I've tried warping places, as well as stopping and starting the game, and checking her spot as a human. No luck.
Once I saw a Dark Souls Dissected video where the guy were talking about her mechanic, aparently she is not garanteed to apear if YOU have a +10 pyromancy flame, but she will surely appear if other player comes to your world with +10 pyromancy flame in the places this page said.
My deepest thanks that this dear lady crouches around in the middle of a silty swamp in the immediate vicinity of constantly returning blood-haunted mosquitoes and that I have to scurry from the Firelink Shrine through half of Blighttown every time to buy pyromancies from her
But u can teleport to the spider lady instead
A hard blow from Smough on my hollow skull could hardly be more painful than the fact that I had not yet thought of the possibility in the least.
ummm been wondering : what was the izalith population's race getting transformed into demons?were they of the lord race?
sorry i mean befor getting transformed :|
I've already asked myself something like that. Either they were destroyed by the demons and flames when the witch of Izalith tried to rebind the first flame, or they fled and scattered all over Lordran.
We only know that they speak a different language, thanks to the fair lady and the old witch's ring. Quelana most likely learned the Lordran language while she was teaching Salaman
Holy **** I forgot about her and beat quelaag and then remembered and thought I screwed up and nearly had a panic attack
Thank Gwyn
Bruh i killed bed of Chaos and laurentius before i met quelana and now i just cant get pyromancy
Eingy of the great swamp.
Why tf woul you kill Laurentius he's the nicest NPC in the game
Because dat niggа goes hollow
I have a SL1 +5 character for co op and invasions at the Burg and I’m wondering if I password summon somebody who has a sufficiently upgraded flame through their red sign soapstone in Blighttown will it affect my weapon level? I know I’m not picking any upgraded stuff up I’m just summoning them but I’m just trying to be as careful as possible, would it affect anything?
Quelana best sensei.
The rule 34 is lacking, get to work.
why is her voice so sexy?