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This effect is pretty useless in PvE isn't it? Been playing all the way till Freide w/ Katanas and not once I have seen it trigger.
The warden twinblades are powerful on essentially any build and are generally better than the sellswords unless they're resistant or immune to bleed and it along with the sellswords have A scaling with Crystal and lightning so they're pretty powerful especially with a sharp build or refined build I use wardens on my miracle build with lightning and it's God tier
I use blood infused brigand twindaggers with about 30 luck for most of the game and anything not immune bleeds like a pig.
That may be because the enemy has a high Bleed resist and katanas dont do that much Bleed proc
Lol you just won't proc bleed with that. To use bleed effectively, you need a more bleed-focused weapon, like the bandit's knife, a bleed infusion (or carthus rouge but I prefer not to rely on temporary buffs) and some luck.
Try str luck build with a great mace blood infused its dirty
You need to be aggressive or the enemy's bleed bar starts decreasing.
I have Dex/Str/Faith build (and only 7 points in Luck) but still Bandit Knife +10 (infused with blood gem) is best against: - Crystal Sage - Dancer of the Boreal Valley - Sister Friede - and also Sulyvahn's Beasts I think bleed in DS3 is nearly as powerful as poison/toxic in DS2 (against certain enemies ofcourse)
Some of the bosses mentioned immune to bleed can in fact bleed
Resistant* they seem to bleed the seem as the ones mentioned vulnerable to bleed
Which ones
Pc players using the watchdog anticheat will have blood infused weapons phase right through them. You can still hit them with any other weapon though so don't immediately call hacker.
Sounds like a mod-assisted advantage. Sorry but even if you don't call it hacking, that affects gameplay, even if they are well-intentioned. I would 100% report someone using a mod that affects an entire infusion.

The Watchdog mod itself, while also well-intentioned, has caused issues and bans in the past, and the mod creator has been inconsistent with his claims that it is 100% safe. Just as a safety note.


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Bleed is usable in PvE as a primary damage source, and scales well into higher NG+ cycles due to the hp% based damage, but for maximum DPS is generally better as a tertiary source of damage. I've done extensive testing offline replaying bosses over and over, and a Hollow Barbed Straight Sword with Carthus Rouge will kill an NG boss 40-70ish % faster than a Bleed Infused Bandit's Knife with 51 Luck +5 from a Hollow Offhand. (By the way the softcap for Bleed Infusions is actually 56 luck, not 50. You get 2-3 extra bleed aux from 50 to 56, as opposed to the 10+ levels past 56 without a single additional bleed point.)

Bleed can be seen logically as simply extra damage every x number of hits, with the x being decided by the weapon's bleed buildup. The issue is breakpoints and the increasing amounts of bleed necessary to reach fewer hits. For example, through my testing I've found that Champion Gundyr has anywhere from 250 to 290 Bleed Resistance (likely 250 logically) A Blood Infused Bandit's Knife has a bleed buildup of 76, bleeding Gundyr in 4 hits. Bleed buildup does 'overflow' however, meaning that the additional bleed buildup in the hit he was bled is simply added to the next buildup counter, meaning the next bleed will only take 3 hits (7x76= 532). A Hollow Barbed Straight Sword with Carthus Rouge has a bleed buildup of 56, meaning only 5 hits to bleed, and then 4 hits to bleed on the next cycle, which is consistent with my testing. So what's the catch, Bandit's Knife obviously bleeds in 1 fewer hit, meaning ~30% faster bleeds? At 30/30/51(56) (Strength/Dex/Luck) a Blood infused Bandit's Knife deals 185 damage. At the same soul level, a 40/40/40 Hollow Barbed Straight Sword deals *431* damage.

Assuming a 5000 hp Champion Gundyr target, Blood Infused Bandit's Knife bleeds will deal 950 damage (5k*.15+200). Over the course of a 14 hit sample (enough for each weapon to finish one complete bleed cycle)with 4 bleeds, the target will be bled for 3800 damage, with an additional 1850 damage from the hits themselves for a total of 5,650 damage. This is perfect world and not accurate considering enemy resistances to the hit damage.

On the other hand, a Hollow Barbed Straight Sword will bleed for an average of 825 damage (5k*.15+75) (Carthus Rouge adds 100 bleed damage if it procs bleed, whereas an innate bleed weapon only adds 50 if *it* proces the bleed, I simply averaged the two). Over a 10 hit sample with 3 Bleeds, it will deal 2475 bleed damage, with an additional 6034 damage from hits, for a total of 8,509 damage over 14 hits.

5,650 vs 8,509

Just aboute exactly 50% more damage is dealt by the Hollow Barbed Straight Sword over the same sample of hits. The Bandit's Knife does attack faster and uses less stamina, but I tested for that as well. In raw TTK, it took me 14 seconds to kill with a Bandit's Knife with 30/30/51(56), and 9 seconds to kill with the Hollow Barbed Straight Sword, so about another 50% faster result.

Now you may ask, but what about NG+7, where the HP% is more important? 8652 damage over 14 hits with Bandit's Knife, 10,205 with Hollow Barbed Straight Sword. Closer, but still no cigar for the Bandit's Knife.

Tl;dr Hollow weapons, especially high damage swords like Carthus Curved Sword and Barbed Straight Sword with Carthus Rouge will solidly outdamage blood infusions in 90% of cases.
You make a good point, but I still doubt our conclusion, Bandit's Knife has crazy mobility with quickstep, and to me it feels it has 2x the attack rate. It's very common to land two attacks with thie Bandit Knife, when you can only land one with others, or even not at all. Your calculations aren't consistent and you didn't took in consideration the time on your NG+7. By the time you do 14 hits with a Bandit's Knife you'd do 7-10 hits with the Barbed Sword.


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Furthermore, I also compiled a list of the best infusions to use for innate bleed weapons for maximum DPS gains.
Best Infusions for Each Weapon at 40/40/40 (Strength/Dex/Luck)

Claw 327 37 Hollow
Crow Talons Sharp 347 34 Sharp
Manikin Claws 312 34 Refined
Carthus Curbed Great Sword 554 46 Hollow
Carrthus Curved Sword 425 38 Hollow
Painting Guardian Curbed Sword 381 37 Hollow
Carthus Shotel 403 36 Hollow
Warden Twinblades 363 37 Hollow
Spiked Mace 523 51 Heavy or Sharp
Flamberge 499 39 Sharp
Morning Star 426 32 Refined
Reinforced Club 404 32 Heavy
Great Scythe 423 37 Hollow
Barbed Straight Sword 431 36 Hollow
Interestingly, some of the enemies that are considered immune to bleed still appear to be able to be bled, at least in EvE testing against the maggot hollows.


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It's said here that the Dancer is vulnerable to bleed, but on the Dancer's page it's said that she's resistant to it.
What's a good PvP/PvE blood build now in 2021? Is hollow still preferred over bleed infusions?
Try Hollow Barbed Straight Sword buffed with Frozen Weapon!
That sounds interesting, is it decent in PvP?
Why bleed builds are not viable/gone?