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Even if it's a less powerful version, for it to be 1/5 the price of the great resonant soul, it does more than half. This is the better deal (great resonant soul is said to do 55% more than the regular).
the icon for this looks like sperm
I still don't see how this is better than just using dark orbs. Sure it's a little more damage with better range and projectile speed but this doesn't outweigh the advantages of the dark orb being only one slot not two so you can carry twice as many for the number of slots used. Dark orbs are free to cast and faster to get. Dark orbs cast faster, and being cast from a staff the dark orb has the potential to headshot shorter enemies at medium to close range because of the height difference from where it's cast. I think I'll stick with Old Reliable, the dark orb.
With decent attunement, you would have more than enough casts anyways, so why carry "twice as many", if you never use them anyways? Also, 20% extra damage and 50% extra range are NOT "little more", it's a very significant boost actually, and well-worth halved number of uses (many spells follow the same pattern: a bit more damage, but halved number of casts.