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So where are the dvs msgs?
The ones without ratings
I have been trying to summon for the Friede fight using seek guidance, what a joke
are invaters going to come to kill the host if he's not embered? if not this means it's easier to co-op by using this kind of spell
I don't think you can summon your friends tho, it says you can't summon "white soapstone phantoms" unless embered :/
The spell allows you to see summon signs, but you can’t summon any one unless you use an ember. So yeah, you wont get invaded by using this spell, but you also can’t summon
So I can see summons but still need an ember. It provides light but doesn’t cure bleed build up so I still need a what does this thing do exactly?
found darkmoon convent while looking for summon signs
Most of the important developer messages appear automatically like the one instructing you what to do to trigger the Dancer boss fight. Unless I'm missing something, such as messages from developers telling you where an illusory wall is or something more cryptic, this spell is just garbage. Even for what little remains of the RPG element.
Don’t know what the hate for this spell is for. This spell is a must have for anyone that wants to summon without running the risk of using an ember only to get no summons. Only a limited amount of embers and you’re in a known pvp area use this and see for yourself if using an ember is anyworth it
I actually got something that may be interesting. I was trying to figure out a puzzle near the Ringed City streets bonfire, there's that wall that says "show your humanity." I was unembered and the nearby messages just said something about dark/ghost. So I pulled out the scholar's candlestick and used its buff and I noticed the chair on the far side of the room had a dev message in front of it that I couldn't see without the buff. "If only I had a mimicry..."
Trash wiki if I'm here it's because i want to see the dev messages