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The screaming one in the dungeon is so annoying, it makes me wish for the DS2 mechanic where monsters would stop spawning
So uggles :3



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Why is there a non-hostile one
To acquaint you with this enemy because they can be hard to spot later if you're not careful. It's a jump-scare type warning along the lines of, "Hey! You should have seen this guy here because the next one might kill you!"
Because it's cute and From wanted to give us a friend
What's the lore behind those? Did they got experimented on, are they some freak accident or are they a result of the pontif eyes corruption, probably like the Sullyvahn Beasts or those dogs with human heads?
i think they might be Crossbreeds like the dude in Lothric castle
thay give me nightmares
only NIGHTmares? I envy you
Who ever made this monster is a sick *****.
Reminds Me Of That Bald Naked Guy In Lord of Rings
You mean Gollum?
I always make a comment including "Ring", "Eye" and "treasure" in front of it but very few people get the joke...
keep your rings close, you know, just to be safe
*Clutches pearls*
They look like steve buscemi...
Steve Buscemi after the grinding machine in Fargo
ROFL! Dude wtf hahahaha! I will call them like that from now on...