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These bird things are so ***** annoying! They act like they ate a million bottles of steroids and a million bags of cocaine! ***** these guys ***** them all!!!
There's a lone corvian at Irythill, after the Church of Yorshka
maybe the slaves of sullyvhan are turned into corvians because of sullyvhan's use of the abyss in the same way the furtive pygmy is turned into manus
He’s trying to get to the painted world (Sullivan is from there)
they're also very suceptible to frostbite i think, i frostbit them in 3 hits with irithyll ss unupgraded
that's just regular frostbite. they have neither a resistance nor weakness. buildup with ss should be 55, three hits will trigger status effect.
Having to deal with you stunlocking me to death, ok. Having you guys in packs, sure.

But when I have to deal with you twats screeching like no tomorrow, can you *****in' not?
Implying these enemies are actually tough to deal with
Weak against bleed, 2 hits and they will begin to bleed immediately.
Where on earth are the at irythill of the boreal valleý?
There's a lone corvian at Irythill, after the Church of Yorshka
the soul of cinder can learn a few things from these enemies. just flail around like a **** dipshit and stunlock everything. ez.
They miss Prscilla-saan so much... ...that they become mad as hell
I've been farming them for 8 hours a day for the last two weeks and their wings refuse to drop! I'm wearing the gold ring, helm, two rapiers and gold coins. What Am I doing wrong??? I really want to fly. are their wings a rare drop or what?
Level up luck. They're tough to get, but worth it.
Return at once to thy bridge, troll! Thou art not welcome here.
Why the ***** is there a Kingdom Hearts ad on this page? I came here to read about a good game and not look at that bull*****