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How do you spin while gesturing
They went from giving us gestures like well what is it and look skyward to removing ones like unmannered bow before release. I’m not sure why they would want DS3 to be so much softer and friendlier than the others but it is a real shame.
What there's other gestures than point down? huhhhh???
Why so many unnecessary gestures? The only one that I need is the point down cuz I'm OP. Plus, they should make "dropping dung pie" a gesture as I also used it alot with my pkcs.
Ah yes small pp man.
little balls too
Best gesture is Proper Bow while wearing Fire Witch Armor and Dancer's Leggings. :3
Ah I see your a man of culture as well.
The emote is miss most is well what is it but atleast welcome is basicly the same but you dont walk forward
to obtain silent ally you don't need to buy hidden body