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I'm writing because I'm very angry for this game.
Now I have 60 lvl (or 70, I don't remember) and I wanted to go do New Londo Ruins and beat Four Kings (I have Astorian Ring, my last boss was Sif).
But, the problem is, I don't have any Transient Curse and any weapon, or curse.

I both all transient course from undead woman in Fairlink. Now, I can not to go to Ingward.
I wanted to create super hiper Astorian sword (from Claymore), but I don't have any stones, and - like I saw - I need to have 30+ lvl for inteligence and other atributes..

Sif was my first boss after take Vessel from Queen. I want to go to beat all of 4 bosses.
Is any possible - no need - to beat all Bosses, and beat Four Kings as at last? Or - where can I find other solution for New Londo Ruins, without transient curse and weapon?

I don't see me when I have to take +30 lvl for Four Kings...

Thank you for your help and best regards ;)



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Sooo im not sure what sword you want to make? Do you mean Artorias Sword which you can forge with Sifs Soul? With this you can obviously kill these Ghosts. But i think Ingward sells Transient curses. Not sure tho.

However, its possible to make the 4 others first. You know, Seath, Nito and Bed of chaos. I dont know what Build youre planning, but why not leveling some int to be able to wield Artorias's Sword? I mean, its not very good, but atleast you dont have to waste Transient Curses.

the most annoying option you have is: get cursed by the basilisks and then fight your way to Ingward while farming transient Curses. Because if youre cursed youre able to hit ghosts and since Ghosts drop Transient Curses...

im sorry, i guess i cant help you more :(