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Jump over her sweep attack is the key, deal big damage posture to her.
I bought Sekiro on release, I always play my first run of a fromsoftware game without any spoiler and because I played too much dark soul I was playing using only attack and dodge, ignoring posture and just chipping at vitality. This boss was the moment this method stopped working, after countless death I couldn't even take the one deathblow against her or the corrupted monk, ended up wasting all my confetti then put the game on hold for months in frustration. I kept reading online that you have to use deflect and playing Sekiro like a soul game make it harder so I gave this fight another shot yesterday and killed her in less than 15 try. Spam those deflect people !
I’m surprised it took you this long, it was the ninja on the pagoda and in the well that taught me how to play this game
So, replaying this and reaching O'Rin today, I found that merely approaching her from the side- either side- before talking to or provoking her allowed for a free deathblow. Moving directly behind her, the prompt reverted back to dialogue. I spent a long time just circling her to make sure of the consistancy of this. It also took me two attempts to kill her and I was able to do the same thing both times, starting the fight with one free deathblow just for walking up along her side. No ceramic shard needed. Nothing. Anyone else?
Fake news. I tried this multiple times and I could never backstab her. Only the dialogue option showed up.
She has massive posture in NG+4 when you have only 14 attack power. And charmless/demon bell, a deflecting-focused strategy just doesn't work for me. Sabimaru poison? Yes but 10 of them for just a half of her health. Then you cant chip his vitality, or only after spacing her. Because, despite what is written in this wiki, you can rarely punish her after a good deflection… At this state, the most difficult enemy in the game for me.
Oh and i didn't talk about the jump after a swing attack, because he does not deal enough damage to her posture unfortunately in this difficulty.
You know there is a mask that increases your ap with skill points.
Bounce off her head, lots of perfect deflects. Punish 2 hits right after her unblockable attacks and 1 hit b4 she attack

Also, play on PC with 130fps unlocked framerate mod

These all help
Why would you have a freaking 14 ap at NG+4, of all things? Did you literally murdered Isshin THREE TIMES WITHOUT A MASK? I have so many questions...
Floating passage and divine confetti... Don't stop performing the skill, she'll be dead in a matter of seconds
I don't understand the downvotes here. This strategy worked for me, pretty flawlessly. It's actually amongst the most effective cheese strategies I've seen so far. A lot of cheeses in this game take longer to get right than just figuring out the boss moves. Not this one. Definitely less satisfying than a fight like genchiro or guardian ape...but after the frustration of fighting the headless in mibu forest I was ready for an easy win.
I'm surprised to hear that so many people had a lot of trouble with her. I had to try more than once, but I think I killed her on like my fourth try or so? She wasn't substantially more difficult than the average mini-boss up until that point IMO.
Ya’ll are so toxic. Downvoting the dude cause he mentioned he didn’t have trouble with the mini-boss. The hells wrong with you.
Had an easy time with her... just use mortal draw an decimate Her life bars. She only hit me 4-5 times with her vanishing thrust. But you can side step that pretty easily with the right timing.
no idea why you were downvoted. i had the same experience just spam mortal draw(or empowered if you have it) and it shreds her vitality. i beat her on my second try just by spamming mortal draw even after running out of spirit emblems
She gave me so much trouble before I remembered the description for Sabimaru. Decimated her after that. I was also at the endgame by then, so....might have had something to do with it.
Really 1/2 my hp in one hit while attacking ~50x a secound plus doing insane stamina damage
This game feels like you have to buy a luxury car with the change jar but then you do buy the car with the change jar.