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There is no max level, you only stop leveling up once the required xp to level up surpasses 999999999 as you cannot get more than this amount of xp. This is due to the game not being able to load a number over 999999999.
The most points you will need is 545. Any leveling up past this is pointless anyway
Best place to farm Exp is at your second visit to Hirata Estate just before the Owl boss fight. Rest at the idol, destroy all the paper walls and obstacles then kill the black shinobi hunter, kill the white one from behind and then the 2 archers in front of him. You can use shuriken to destroy the walls, wait a bit and the enemies go back to their starting positions. Rest at the idol and repeat. The paper walls stay broken. For best results rush to NG+7 and do it without Kuro's Charm and Demon Bell active.
what is the point of farming for xp in ng +7? what is there even left to do at that point?
I'll say without demon bell and having kuros charm is easier and just as fast I hardly see any drastic changes in exp gain without kuro or demon bell active it's just for increased item loot and loot is pointless with all tools upgraded and having all the gourd variations
Best farming spot is Ashina Castle - Antechamber idol after the first attack. Stealth kill both blue samurai and purple ninja and repeat. Takes about 20 seconds and it gives you ~3000XP.
cocke n' ball torture
Please,can i spend my xp before a boss fight for exemple?
You do not spend the actual XP. Once The bar is full, you gain 1 skill point. If you die, any XP you have gained is lost, but you never lose skill points. If you are going to fight a boss, I recommend farming untill you gain the next skill point that way you don't lose your progress towards that skill your hoping to get.