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The jump attack he does at the very beginning can be easily blocked. This also leaves a great chance for a counter as it has a long recovery window.
For the feather/burst attack, just run away. The feathers will miss and so will his attack.
Lightning does wonders against him.
I've been stuck on the Twilight Mission version of this dude for days, more so than any boss to date. A few of his attacks are missing from here, he does a gold horizontal missile wave from distance in non dark realm phase can be blocked but comes out fast, and a dark realm attack where he summons ~8 gold sprite missiles that fly towards you and always follows that immediately with the air attack burst move. As a brute counter user I honestly don't know how to counter this attack safely as the missiles always land as he does and he's high in the air away from you when he starts it.
I got the skill True and Through, Kohoku set, and snake Tonfa from Azai in Yashka Returns
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