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Possibly one of the best weapons. Great Utility moveset, the weapon art has very nice usage (especially the guard break r1, not as good as the claymore but a lot faster) and excels with just about any build, from regular sword and board to a caster, this'll work on anything. Especially on a mage, as crystal LSS might be a bit better, the stat investment can make it non viable. Great weapon, and if you use it right you can really go to town with this.
Is the slightly increased range of the LKS worth the 8 levels in dex?
No. To be more precise, if your build gets that dex anyway, for example from quality or sharp build path, you use LKS. But if you're short on points and you need just the minimum attributes for some weapon, for example a mid level pyro or cleric, then longsword is your trusty choice.
Does this weapon have hyper armor for weapon art?



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No it does not. Only Great weapons and Ultra Great Weapons have some sort of Hyper Armor or being able to give you hyper armor based on your poise.
It does have hyper armor, mostly on r2 wa. Don't expect to compete with ultras though
On this weapon its worth to infuse it with a simple gem for a mage. It reaches almost the same damage as the crystal infusion since it has a better scaling on a simple infusion while you profit from the FP regen
Good for any occasion. Whether it be for fashion or practical purposes, you can always rely on the Longsword.
Would a Longsword with dark infusion be a suitable weapon to use with a mainly STR/INT/FTH build? Alongside using Dark Clutch Ring and Pontiff's Right Eye?
If you have high Int and Faith then yeah i think it will be pretty good
Tbh the whole Str/int/fth sounds bad already, 3 different damage stats...
Dark infusion at +10 with 40/40 Int/Fth and minimum str/dex gets 483 AP. It's what I run on my pyro. Adding in 40 Str pushes it up to 532 AP. Pretty good, but I wouldn't go any higher than that on those stats, because an extra 20 Str will only add 8 AP.
On the chaos table, why does it say that a +9 has more fire damage than a +10?
And why does the MAX table show different values for +10 Chaos and +10 Dark than the respective tables themselves (as in the chaos and dark infusion tables)
Should probably be 141 instead
Viable for a FTH build? I wanna try running a sort of "holy knight" character but given that this is a quality weapon I might be starved for stats while remaining within meta level (as FTH already requires me to level it and ATT, and VIG and END are necessary for any build). Given how lightning miracles aren't very good until you hit 60FTH I'm really stretching my levels here.
For my faith character, i used LKGS. LKGS has lightning and works well with blessed infusion which scales with faith, good for RP, and has health regen. I two handed (less strength required) the LKGS to maximise my stats for faith. You can also just use sharp with sunlight blade if you want max AR (around +100 AR, I forgot if it was 40faith or 60faith). But, this will require more stats in dex. The long sword is a better quality weapon.
Just use a blessed stone if you want physical damage that scale with Faith.
On my faith character, I use a lightning infused longsword for going through areas, then switch to a raw one so that I can buff it during boss fights. Works pretty well, as the lightning longsword gets A scaling with faith at +10.
Good for dark souls 3 starters. Play as knight which has long sword at start. Infuse with raw gem. Maximise health and stamina. Spam r1. It also has thrust for narrow spaces.
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Bait or not, there is a good answer to that question. Longsword requires Str/Dex of 10/10. LKSS requires 11/18. For someone running a mage build (my pyro, for instance) the damage difference is negligible at +10 with elemental infusions (within the single digit range). Using Longsword over LKSS saves you 9 stat points you can allocate elsewhere at the cost of like 5 damage per swing. Well worth it.