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Hmmm hmmmmmmm? Hmmm. HMMMMM!
Such a sweet character. I always do my best to keep him alive until the end in all of my playthroughs.
Does skipping the fire demon cause me to not be able to fight Yhorm with Siegward
Yes, stormruler r2 charge makes up for fat boys absence
I didn't realize there was a midway drop on the elevator so I missed the fire demon req,
and didn't have him for yhorm thankfully the storm ruler does massive damage
Just tested freeing Siegward from the well after killing Yhorm. Got his slab but lost his armor. After freeing him from the cell, only the 2nd Storm Ruler was in Yhorm’s room, but job Siegward and no armor.
I helped him many times, and we faced Yhorm together. I survived the battle, while he did not. Rest well, friend, your duty is fulfilled.

A toast to Siegward, knight of Catarina!
He's stuck in the cell even if you unlock the door before he comes. Stupid c*nt
Fine work,
Apparently Siegward can still appear in the well at Cathedral of the Deep even after not killing the Fire Demon at the Undead Settlement with him. Probably need to test this.



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I can confirm, he did show up for me today after missing out on the Fire Demon. When I went back to kill the Demon today, he did not appear for the fight, but I was able to meet him at every subsequent encounter, except for the Yhorm fight. He stayed in his cell and refused to move, even though I'd opened the door and talked to him multiple times. Ended up having to kill Yhorm solo for the first time, and when I reloaded the area, the other Storm Ruler was in the usual spot but nothing else was. When I returned to Siegward's cell, he was gone and nothing else was there either. I didn't miss any encounters except that Fire Demon one, and I'm pretty sure that screwed everything up.
I killed him in my first playthrough because by this point I learned that if an armored guy appears in front of you, you fight him. Apparently, that's not always the case. I'm sorry, Siegward, you're the best, love you bro
From my experience, if I can target lock a person they are going to try to kill me.
RIP Horace and Anri, i would have let you both live if you hadn't gone mad and tried to eat me alive... eat me undead?
That's how my first playthrough ended up missing hawkwood