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So, something wierd happened when I did this fight just now. Going in blind, refused to surrender my source, I focused Dallis, Braccus broke free, summond Kraken, they wiped the floor with us. For the second try I decided to avoid damaging Dallis and try to transition to the second part with as few enemies as possible. This resulted in me winning the fight and proceeding to the ending without triggering the second phase. A shame, as I would have preferred to do the fight properly.
Man that was an ugly fight. I pulled through relying heavily morning person, five star diner and living armour talents for all my characters. Pretty much used a res scroll or giant potion every turn lol.

What in incredible game though! My first time beating on classic.
Killing Lucian first did NOT trigger the Braccus phase for me as the article suggests. It only happened once I killed Dallis. And for some reason Ifan revived with no armor on towards the end of the fight... maybe a bug after being revived several times?
I had one party member dead when winning the battle, and they were revived for the epilogue.
Accidentally killed Braccus with a Time Warp-Green Tea combo with multi spec Mage Fane. Didn't realised there's supposed to be another phase where he summons enemies