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Worst **** in history of souls, no break time, camera bug generator, poop on the aim system and full regen. Last from game for me.
I honestly enjoyed the fight. I had the luck to summon a Real Person for the fight, so it wasn't all that tough. just use whatever that magic powder is on your weapon (or lightning if you weren't dumb like me and used all of it on a boss that, it turns out, is resistant to lightning damage) and keep your distance until they're focused on beating the snot out of whoever was unlucky enough to get summoned by you
I hate the fight too but I’ve done it 6 times there are many ways you can output enough damage as well as heal I recommend sell swords with gold pine resin or if you have enough strength the Dragonslayer Greataxe as it does 1200 damage per special ability
I mean it's a boss fight, second to last in the main story. It's not supposed to be a cake walk dude
Lol @ people defending the broken camera because fanboy
He looks like Aldrich is there some sort of connection
Aldrich is black slime.
The body sticking out of aldrich isn't actually his own. It belongs to gwyndoline I believe who is related to the twin princes.
Both phases of this boss fight are very susceptible to frost.
I don't understand why people say this is the best boss in the game. It's the only not enjoyable fight in the game. Even the broken beasts of Sulyvahn have a better design. You can't block any attacks without taking damage, if you roll he teleports and ****s up your cam and if using pyromancy this fight is a joke. I can only cheese this boss with melee which sucks as well. 2/10
me with magic enhanced fume +5: Haha big sword B O S H



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git gud
Git gud
Your right, bit of a BS fight regardless of what the virgin fanboys say. Keep at it though
Aw are you mad you cant cheese the boss and you have to experience the boss like the devs intended
Just follow my motto: Don't cheese, get better.
why would you use a shield in a late game DS3 boss
U suck ***
Git gud
Posture check
Pretty new to the game, so I walked to a yellow summon sign and summoned a real player instead of an NPC.
I began panicking, forgot how to banish phantoms, and didn't want to go into my inventory because I didn't want to waste the phantoms' time.
Ended up summoning another phantom and 1st-timed Lothric and Lorian by brainlessly running at Lorian while my 2 phantoms healed me and cast spells.
I'm not sure if this was intended.
I wish the game didn't hit me with a solar flare every time he teleports



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I killed the boss second time because I summoned two guys who were coincidentally dressed up as both lorian and lothric at the same time