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I know I will trigger people when saying this but this weapon is f**king amazing on a blessed build. Gets a C in Dex and a S in faith.
Am I the only one is is confused that it gets an S scaling in int if you crystal infuse it? It just doesn’t seem like a weapon that would.
Maaan the First phase of the abyss watcher while rushing for the weapon was a pain in the ***
This is my favorite weapon for when I get serious, I have 2 of them, one for poison and one with and extra bleed. Your gonna smack bosses, with poison it’s a double whammy on invaders. I’m gonna try out a enchanted frost version because I here that’s a solid choice too!
Farmed it twice had worse luck than with the flamberge
This has slightly less stamina consumption than the Murakumo, but not a lot
This weapon is the grand savior of split damage weapons because it has ridiculous enough scaling with basically any elemental infusion to compensate for the harsher penalty from double absorption
Wait a minute does it gets S scaling with sharp infusion????
Solo defeated sister friede with this bleed and S scaling helped a lot.