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Highest bleed I’ve managed is with 70 luck (max cap for bleed change from testing) with a blood gem on a Carthus Greatsword. Managed 109 bleed per hit, which bleeds even resistant bosses fairly well
I can't seem to be able to infuse the bandit's knife with the blood gem anymore... I have 6 blood gems and a Bandit's knife+6 for now. I haven't played the game for about a year and idk if they made the blood infusing imposible for items that already had bleed on them. If asking, yes, i have given the Profaned coal to Andre. Can anyone help me please?
You should check that... 1: you have the souls and gem to do so 2: you have the right coal and gave it to andre
I know its probably been a year but you need to give the blacksmith profane coal.
I know its been a year, but you need to give the blacksmith profane coal.
same problem here. seems like they made a bandits bleed infusion no longer possible
If I apply bleed gem on bows does the bow will do bleed buildup?
You can't infuse ranged weapons in DS3
cant infuse bows, so no m8


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Only option there is splintering bolts
Better try infusing weapons with ranged attacks, like follower s javelin
So I was infusing my Wardens with a blood gem and I looked at the poison can just to see what it would look like and it kind of blew my mind. My character has 40 luck with a hollow parma sheild, and my Warden's were +9. The poison gem actually upped the poison AND the bleed, giving me 42 bleed and 78 poison. I didnt do it yet, because I want to try it on my other Wardens that I havent upgraded yet, but that seems Kinda OP somebody please confirm this
I bet it's because of the luck bonus as being hollowed.
just tested 40 luck no hollow, crow talons, base bleed 36 hovered over poison gem and bleed goes to 43 with 82 poison. not bad.
It's the same the other way round too, Rotten Ghru Dagger at 40 Luck is 43 Poison. With Blood infusion it goes up to 47 Poison with 66 Bleed at +10
You know when you think about all the infusions in ds3 in it's entirety, blood infusions are the worst possible infusion one can get, even more then hollow. First of all, the amount of bleed build up on any weapon, no matter if it's +10 or not, is pretty minimal. 72 bleed = over 7 hits for a bleed perk for me during a pvp session ( Mind you i was pretty cumbersome at it, but that's still no excuse for the amount of hits required to bleed an average player, with a bloodbite ring on, i presume). Second of all, is that you need a tremendous amount of luck for the bleed perk to actually increase, and luck isn't usually stat used for increasing dmg. And it's not the stat investment that kills the experience of using a bleed weapon build, gathering souls and spending then level by level is a necessity for any build for accumulating more dmg/dps, but the simple fact that every weapon infused with blood will ALWAYS get a D in STR and DEX, as well as a lowered base dmg. and that will obviously mean, you will need more hits to: A. KIlls things in general B. Get the bleed perk, which isn't necessarily guaranteed for every mob, as we know. All of this cobined meaning that, in reality, you are just wasting more souls for a status effect that requires more hits on an enemy to perk the effect, as well as doing far form adaquete or comparible dmg to other more promising builds. more grinding for less AR and pure chance of a status effect perk..hmmm ill pass. Im not hating, i just feel that... blood infusions are very under-powered, and are more circumstantial then a normality when it comes down to PVP as well as PVE. The same with hollow builds as well, except keen difference being is that the base dmg and scaling isn't too bad for those builds, and increasing ones hollowing doesn't require soul investment so yeah.
There are a lot of bosses and enemies my blood bandits knife +10 will just shred. Demon Prince and Friede and Ariandel come to mind. The milwood knights are another good example, 3 hits and bleed procs them. Unarmoured enemies will bleed in two hits which is great, two swings to kill. All on new game, and its even better in ng+ cos the bleed damage scales with their overall hp. I have 30 luck, so not even maxed bleed. It will bleed a lot of players in pvp fairly quickly as well. It's best used on weapons that already have bleed on them.
The current bleed infusion is heavily nerfed. When the game initially came out, bleed and hollow were both very viable builds. Then a bunch of people whined about bleeding too much, so they nerfed it in normal darksouls fashion; to the point is is no longer viable.
Blood infusion got buffed mate, they only nerfed the hollow infusion
With 50 luck, 20 str and 20 dex, the (ultra) Greatsword gains a whopping 100 bleed.
Makes me sad that I can't buff bleed infused weapons with Frozen Weapon. Would've been a nice boss destroyer.


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Does anyone know how this compares to the bleed added by Carthus Rouge? Both pages just said they vary by weapon.
I'm specifically thinking about the Bandit's Kive and Warden Twinblades. But it would be nice if there was a broad answer like "Carthus Rougue is always better but only by a little"
I just made my warden to +10 and blood infusion it has D C scaling and 83 bleed at 50 luck
slurp slurp
Can somebody explain to me what the fvck? Recently i made vleed build and in first 30 minutes in pvp i came upon 3 guys that weee completely imune to bleed weapons and i mean no damage at all from gits but when i switched to uninfused weapons i could hit them. Is this some sort of cheat?
If you're using Watchdog , that's the answer.
It's a bug.
Most recent version of PvP watchdog, an addon meant to find and protect you from malicious cheaters, has a bug that makes poison and bleed infused weapons have no hitbox.
thanks for the replies guys, i also tsted this out with a friend. For some reason blood infused weapons dont work from hitting some bleed rate (unupgraded warden TB work, upgraded dont), also watchdog probably only focuses on weapon's status and doesnt check on buffs, cause weapons with initial bleed and carthus rouge work normally, but infused with similiar or even lower combined bleed buildup dont.