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i like how half this thread is people whining about how much this miracle (and miracles suck,) and the other half is people just asking these folk to think for a second and trying to explain that miracles don't work exactly the same to sorceries. If you're making a pyromancer build, you get the swamp and witches ring, if you're making a sorcery build get the young dragon and bellowing dragon ring, so what's so hard about putting on the morne's ring and ring of the sun's firstborn? Pyromancy eats up a lot of stamina, that doesn't mean it's bad, sorcery eats up a lot of MP, doesn't mean it's bad, Miracles have a couple less options when it comes to damage and require you to get more up close and personal sometimes, doesn't mean they're bad! Each one has a bit of a different flow and although faith builds happen to involve a lot of healing that doesn't mean they're incapable of other things. Basically I don't see any problems here other than the half of y'all saying sunlight spear sucks because you can't keep and use it like crystal soul spear. Please stop using it like crystal soul spear.
and miracles really shine by buffing. a +0 longsword can become a godkiller weapon with buffing miracles like Darkmoon blade, lightning blade and dark blade
Ok. Keep using this "spear" for something apart from what spears are meant for. I'll just use a spell that's truly intended for melee, like sacred flame of farron flashsword. Hell, might even use lifehunt scythe.
Do you know the difference between spear and javelin?
This spear has extra damage on melee. Wtf are you talking about.
Rose of ariendel + war banner buff + sacred oath + miracle boosting rings with lighting clutch ring and the +10 talisman = PHANTOM ONE SHOT GUARANTEED
Yes. But RoA and LWB buffs take very long to cast.
Yes it may take a while to get all the buffs ready but the buffs themselves last for pretty long time
Lothric knight shield says UWU
not that good at all for me
The Sunlight Shank
one of my favorite spells, just wished it launched people like in DS1. the knockdown alone made the spell feel godlike. I get "muh balancing" but it's literally a spear of gwyn, hits like a spear of gwyn, but the stagger is similar to that of a claymore. that aside dorhy's gnawing + SS turns nameless king/king of storms into a sunlight medal farm