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Everybody gangsta till the invader pulls out the repeating crossbow with a short bow in his offhand
Milwood Greatbow*
*Happy Ymfah sounds*
haha bowcasting go brrr
Miyazaki be like: Haha berserk references go brrrrr
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If only you didn’t have to 2 hand it for the weapon art.
You could use a weapon art shield and switch to it in your main hand slot then quickly use the weapon art without having to two hand, saving you like half a second delay plus a button press and an animation. But yeah, I agree, that's really stupid.
Balancing attributes with this, and trying to use the Ultragreatsword, as well as Chaos orb to simulate Guts's cannon arm is gonna be interesting. Probably not that viable tbh, but I'll try
You can make a pretty good 125 build that can manage Chaos Bed Vestiges, Power Within, and Repeating Crossbow but still manage to hit 40 Strength and Endurance. The downside is you'd need to use Havel's Ring, Ring of Favor, and Prisoner's Chain to manage that, leaving you with just about 30ish Vigor. You could get away from that by wearing lighter armor than what's listed here, but all of this manages to leave you with a medium roll. You could also feasibly use one of those "+5 intelligence/strength/dexterity" rings to score 5 extra points somewhere else, but Chloranthy is just really good for builds that will be swinging around the Greatsword. Also these are the baseline rings, of course, once you get the + versions you can score more points for other stats.
The mere sound of this weapon's repeating action alone is enough to send anyone running
i started trying to figure out how to make a good bow/crossbow build, does anyone know what the best ranged weapon is?
The great bows do a lot of damage, but could be problematic to use against mobs, because of the long time it needs to shoot arrows, it would probably be best, if swap between different weapons. I would recommend the composit bow, if you fight against several enemies at once, maybe the avelyn in your offhand to deal a good amount of damage and if you have time to fire arrows use a great bow. The Millwood would be a good choice and is fun to use because of the explosions. Just try a few possibilities and see what fits your playstyle the best.