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This sword is severely underrated. Weapon art is actually strong, the fire hits twice and buffs the weapon
with the weapon art active and 40/20 STR/DEX, you'll do around 500 damage with 2h R1's, a very good damage for a light GS.
And your reward for defeating the final boss? A glorified firepoker.
I feel that this sword is not the best reward for defeating the final boss of the game (even though it is my current sword), the weapon art is good, but the weapon art could have been the Ringed Knight Straight Sword weapon art, or From Soft could do it like Midir Katana, to do the RKSS weapon art you press L2 and then R1 and for the current weapon art you press L2 and then R2, the damage is not so good compared to other greatswords like Black Knight Sword and the Claymore, it is even more disapointing for it been the reward for not a normal boss, but the final one.
Maybe they just didn't think about it because those weapons you used for an example were made AFTER the Firelink Greatsword was released.
yea, i know, but double weapon arts existed since the base game release (for example, Stance), and the firelink greatsword not having a moveset close to SoC is pretty much disapointing, there is no reason to not include it
why dosen't this...have faith and intelligence scaling?
I must say: for being the literal Firelink Sword which has existed since DS1, this is disappointing.

First, it has Int and Fth requirements, but doesn’t scale with either of those stats.
Second, the scaling it does receive is ****. D and D? Really? Dual C/C would’ve been at least decent.
Third, the weapon art should’ve been the Ringed Knight SS WA. What a disservice to not give such an iconic weapon one of the most badass WAs, especially when the boss uses the same move.

Overall: a cool weapon, but was such a let down considering it is the literal Firelink Sword.
existed since DS1?
Yes, every single bonfire in all the games had this exact weapon in them.
This thing is literally just a reskin of Lorian's Greatsword, I was so let down when I tried to use this thing. Don't waste the soul and just get Sunlight Spear or just sell it.
Yeah but without any scaling for pyromancer to use
instead of complain just use cinders mod? you can get other weapons of soc and gwyns sword from ds1 problem solved
Pc cheaters? Sounds like you are a console peasant
This is such a disappointing item to transpose from the soul of the FINAL BOSS of the base game. I'm not sure if the Soul of Cinder even does the move displayed in the weapon art, not to mention why they would choose THAT move of all moves when the Soul of Cinder has much more iconic attacks (such as the combo attack strongly resembling the weapon art for the Ringed Knight Straight Sword.) It could have been a weapon where the weapon art changed what type of weapon it was with each activation like the Soul of Cinder's first phase! Sure, it most likely would have been either broken or useless, but at least it would have been interesting and reflective of the boss you got it from! Such a let down. Aside from that it's okay I guess.
lol gl trying to hit someone with the wa
You CAN hit actual people with the WA, just not at range.