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Allow me to explain why this weapon is 'bad' (not actually bad just in a weird spot)
So, it's useful for builds that don't want to build much Str/Dex, but most of those builds also don't like to level Endurance very much, making the Shortsword the far superior weapon due to the lower stamina consumption. Stamina cost really starts to matter when you aren't leveling Endurance. If you ARE a build that levels Str/Dex, you'll either go Lothric Knight SS for a Dex build, Gotthards for a Quality build, Broadsword for a Strength build, so where I ask does this sword truly fit in? I don't think the slight range bonus is worth putting it over the Shortsword, and the Shortsword does everything else better.
Literally the only good weapon for everything.
Speed, dps and easy to level and get.
I feel after BB influence, any weapon that has even a 1 second delay before hitting its target, is automatically worthless.
Why weapon art?
Just spam.
Why use boss weapon arts?
By the time the animation is done, youd have killed them with your sword
Big club mace against anything?
No, just use sword, the mace wont kill em fast enough.

And dont worry, most enemies, like you, dont have poise.
And the few that do, can be rolled trough their attacks, cause stamina in 3 is more generous, so you can spam after dodging.
Skip magic builds, by the time your done casting, the sword would have finished them.
Shut up causal, Str and poise for the win
It’s hard to argue with his assessments
Lol, too true ;)
how 2 counter this op wepaon:
>equip caesus in offhand
>press le l2