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I'm having lots of trouble with the third trial, any tips?
Not much, against the primal aspids I suggest the basic nail art, it can oneshot them, but I think you need to memorize their spawns to make it effective. At least that's what I did (over time after many fails). You can use this against the mages too. The hardest part is where you are forced on the walls and can't heal. Early on I got used to dream nailing the last surviving enemy to gather back health and souls for the next wave, but after a while I could do the waves pretty easily so I didn't need it. When I could reach the final boss I always dream nailed the last basic enemy to get ready. It took me many days, many tries and in the end I killed the boss with a Hail Mary fireball and killed it with my single hp remaining.
I gave up. And I have few regrets
Grimm child helps out a lot
well.....look...max nail is reccomended so you can at least three hit the aspids,focus on them and the other enemies.the volt twisters later can be tricky but the are weak for a four or five take down.the boss is kinda tough if you are not prepared but focus on the big guy(no spoilers) cause if he dies the small guy dies too...........the comment is from 2029.......i need help