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Wish Fromsoft did something more with this weapon rather than just another dex katana
7 Dislikes from peoppe who think a giant epic laser shooting dragon dropping a dex katana is good


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Used this for a basic Samurai cosplay, Good to have fun with friends in pvp


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ultimate anime build
Why bother using this sword when you already have the ultimate Dex weapon that is called pkcs?
That's not a dex weapon, genius. It's a quality weapon.
Because not everyone’s a pkcs ***.
because I didn't get my weapon choice from a tier list
Get a life *


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I think that this is honestly one of my favorite weapons in the game, but it is way too over used and very difficult to get. I think it’s really cool that you can send a light beam from the katana, it reminds me of the bloodskall blade from Skyrim.
Completely disappointed in this garbage sword. Having spent almost 14 hours in total to kill that fking dragon, I don't want a weapon that has abysmal damage, none existent durability, a **** move set that is so fking hard to use. Literally took me whole day to land a single hit on someone with the beam and it's super annoying, just how tf are you supposed to use this shiit? Forget about pve thanks to it's 20 durability, you may as well use your fist to fight the bosses. Moral of the story? Just trade this shiit for souls or give it to some * who want to have a taste of it's ****. Wanna point down scrubs in pvp? Easy, just use lkss or pkcs. Wanna beat bosses? grab that lkgs or sstb.
Maybe if u got gud you could use the weapon right. Also Midir isn’t that hard of a fight its just time consuming. In conclusion get gud. Its 2021 no one should be *** at this game now cmon.
Lmao wanna point down on scrubs but then suggests all the sweaty weapons. I can smell the R1 spam from here.
You just because you dont know how to use it doesnt mean that is useless, the r1 true combo into WA also if you spam WA obviously you will never hit anyone. This is one of the best katanas of the game with chaos blade and washing pole, but well not everyone knows how to use this weaopn. Git gud
Get good
Oh the poor fellow, ignorant of recovery cancel.
14 hours? Pfffft.
lmao imagine complaining about unique weapons while simultaneously admitting to using exclusively the most basic, generic, ubiquitous, on-meta weapons in the entire game. some people want to play something that's actually slightly enjoyable and fun to use, but evidently you just typed "dark souls best weapon" into google in hopes you'd be able to farm out the first result and beat the whole game using nothing but the r1 button.
Git gud fa*got
You’re literally the DS3 Meta personified. Completely scared sh*tless about new weapons that you get completely destroyed by used by someone who understands fun and originality. Just because a weapon doesn’t have stupid OP. R1 spam doesn’t mean it’s sh*t. Got Gud Scrub
Git Gud
F*ck you Fromsoft
Just consume midir's soul and buy laceration resins
You can farm Anor Londo (earliest except for fast dancer kill) for like 20 minutes and buy more than you'll ever need
we could have get a cool abyssal greatsword... but yeah... a katana is cool too i guess
habibi why no S scaling? It requires 40 ****in dexterity.
Habibi lol