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Killed at least a 100 after beating the boss and they keep respawning.
Sometimes only 1, sometimes 2, sometimes none, but after resetting the area they come back eventually.
Farmed for about 1.5 hours on NG with symbol of avarice and gold serpent +1 and only got 7 souls. Did the last 30 mins without farming gear and didn't notice much difference but the drop rate is so low anyways that it's hard to say.
7 loyce souls as a phantom, with host, 2 other player phantoms and just 1 knight. No item find gear. Should I play lottery?
They carry over into NG+ so you can get the armors again without the need to farm twice (drop rate in NG+ does not seem any better btw)
Hi all, accidentally sold my Charred Loyce Leggings. Willing to trade 5 Loyce Souls for a pair. Playing PS4.
Oof good luck man try r/wheelanddeal that’s your best shot!
Nevermind, finally re-got Charred Loyce Leggings after stupidly/accidentally selling them. Took over an hour.

However, I have to echo others comments, once you’ve beaten the Ivory King, they continue to spawn.

Enter room, kill the three, and leave. Repeat. Sometimes not all three spawn but they usually do. Nonetheless, this is infinite farming as far as I’ve experienced. Moreover, I got way more Loyce souls than I did Charred gear, for whatever it’s worth. Good luck all!
I just got a bug on sotfs ps4 that gave me back all 50 souls when i logged on the day after farming and spending them all xD