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I want one
This comment is 5 years old. I wonder if a single soul will read this reply.
I was testing out black fire orb and one shorted her. GG right but she came back so you can kill her anytime ^.^
I did the exact same thing *highfive*
You bastards!
They both dress the same and Anastasia is called the 'Ash Maiden' is ds1
When i talked to her, she asked me about Ludleth if he had spoken of anything peculiar, she senses he knows something, yet ludleth says nothing new, perhaps something to brood on
She means the secret of the dark/previous firelink
After you give her the eyes, Ludleth has some dialogue that suggests he knows what the FIre Keeper sees through those eyes. It might be referring his knowledge of that...
I wonder why there's a tower full of Fire Keeper corpses, yet the one we interact with seems undead and immortal. Are the dead Fire Keepers went too far "into the darkness" and got somehow killed (probably by the Lords), or does the one alive is special?
I can't seem to find a logical answer.
It seems implied (to me) that someone is tasked with killing firekeepers who "learn too much".
I don't think so (the killing thing). It seems more like these things go in rounds. Like champions appear to link the fire that are bound to certain fire keepers. If the champions fail the dark creeps in and they are all engulfed and disappear like in untended graves. The untended graves feel like a lost defiled place.
You know...
I always thought she was giggling when she did that. Those gestures were so over the top, even I had to smile and shake my head.
Although she always looks in your direction, when you "wake up" from the sleep emote she quickly turns away and seems to smile to herself.
If you do the Path of the Dragon emote, she will infinitely twirl around.
I believe that's supposed to be a giggle, as if she's trying to hide it. She's so cute. I love it.
Someone knows why she can't have eyes?