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Ok I have a theory you know how they say this is the last update of Iceborne. ICBORNE not the base game world so what if they say the reason they said no more updates for Iceborne is because there gonna make two new DLC. From what I learned from fatalis there probaly gonna make two other DLC's featureing white and crimson.
that is incorrect.
It's basically a prequel soooo... No
But guys this is Monster hunter WORLD shoudn't all the monsters be here...?
Because monster hunter rise is coming out there will be no more DLCs for World.. :(


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Jesus what is this reasoning? They said it's the last title update for Iceborne, not world, because it's the last title update for Iceborne. World hasn't had title updates since Iceborne launched. Also Each fatalis was a part of a different game. If All three were in the same lineup I'd even say you were on to something, but Fatalis is from 1, red from G, and white from 2. There are also variants of Teo, Luna, Kush, Jho, and like half a dozen versions of the raths that we never got, so to say there are two more DLCs because we didn't get two more variants for Fatalis is just nonsense, what, you think the base game is gonna have dozen more updates to add Dreadking, Zenith, Flame, Destruction, Scorching, Dreadqueen, Conflagration, etc... raths?
World and it's expansions are done. If you see Crimson or White fatalis, they're going to be in World 2 or one of it's expansions whenever that happens. Basically every monster hunter has been base game followed by expanded base game, then a fresh title. Whenever Rise plays out its full planned schedule, it's gonna have its expansion, and then they're gonna start working on the next mainline title.
you can stop hoping world is old news its going to happen to rise and the next monster hunter games after that. next is rise but hey i hear we're getting azurus qurupeco and gigginox back you know what im not so excited for gigginox
Fatalis definitely doesn’t vary in size it’s always the same


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Best fight in the game by a mile and a half. Truly felt like a monster. Why would ppl cheese/get carried trough this? You’re literally robbing yourself of the best fight The game has to offer. Probably took me 10+ tries until I got the hang of it and at 240hrs of playtime I beat him. Then beat him again twice in a row for evil eyes, lol. Screw HBG, screw the meta. Beat him completely solo with my own IG build and have 0 regrets.
What if someone "cheeses" (how?) or gets carried through this and has 0 regrets
You literally wasted all your time building up to Fatalis just to puss out at the end. No need to regret THAT, right? All your hundreds of hours preparing for “something” were useless and you gained absolutely nothing since he’s the final boss and nothing is harder than him. And there is a cheese. Getting carried means you didn’t even fight him, you were just a simple bystander
Fully know how you feel, plan on doing it myself, atleast that's how I did it with Alatreon. Also an IG main here.
Out of curiosity, what build did ya use?
who cares whether you cheese it or not, it's your way to play
Boi you gud in this game.
Perhaps like yuan garuga, the tempered/arch tempered version will be like scarred yuan garuga, but instead crimson fatalis? I sure hope so so the people who tell other people to get good have a taste of their own medicne
He already hits as hard as an arch tempered monster you r3tard
Fans : Out of all the Fatalis why this piece if crap? Why not White or Crimson?

Capcom: 1. We want people to rage quit Iceborne so people switch to Rise.
2. We want people to to think Iceborne is boring so people switch to rise.
3.We want Iceborne to go out of buissness.
4. We want people to rage quit.
Capcom: Because we wanted THIS one. If you're not satisfied, feel free to move on to another game.
maybe because is an introduction for all the new hunters? it makes sense that the normal fatalis is the one they selected, also, sure they are keeping those other two for other future games, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Great example of the annoying and stupid people that play Monster Hunter. They didn´t choose Fatalis just because they wanted people to switch to rise, there was a large amount of people that wanted to see him come back to world because out of all of them, HE needed the most remaking because crimson is ok and white was amazing but Fatalis was... not so great. Also your implying by saying people rage quit because hes to hard, but also saying that Iceborne is boring. Make up your damn mind
serious question: Are You an idiot? your logic isat Best flawed
It's fatalis time
Hunter: nope
just a note for editors, you need to bring him down to exactly 78% hp to trigger second phase, unlocking the cutscene and multiplayer, the whole 'After taking down about 13% of his total health' line confused the heck out of me. please fix if you have the time!
hitboxes are kinda broken. his horizontal flame blast has invisible hitboxes so you have to over estimate the flame range
Yeah that is with a lot of monsters remember plesioth he was the worst offender
Yeah it gives me MH freedom plesioth tail hitboxes lmao
Don't worry if you loved World. If you've got a Switch, then you can get Rise. If not, they'll probably make another MH game on the Series X and PS5 (and possibly PC) eventually, I mean, think in three different ways:
1) From a marketing view, they'll absolutely make another sort of "newcomers welcoming" for the next generation/group of people to get into gaming, which will likely be on the Series X, PS5 and PC. World was too successful for them to just get up and permanently leave the New World, and especially too successful for them to leave the entire property.
2) There are too many fans of World, and eventually Rise will also run through it's course just like World did. They'll eventually stop coming out with updates and then they'll announce something else and then that will be the next game that'll be hyped up.
3) There are just too many fans of Monster Hunter everywhere. After World got it popular with the West (yes, I am American, and yes, World was my first game) Rise will probably make the series even more popular. It seems that the only possible way that I can even imagine that they stop working on Monster Hunter games is either if an apocolypse happens or the entire staff of Capcom just suddenly disappears off the face of the Earth.
They already announced rise will come to PC a year after it's release on switch
We already have an apocalypse and they’re still making/updating Rise
No more welcomings, world was the welcoming. The next game on console is going to be a regular MH continuation. How many ''welcomings'' do you need? It's time to think about what the existing community and fanbase wants.
What an incredible way to end the game. Everything from the monster to the music, sound design and lore is such a great way to finish up a game.