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The little guys labeled “Assassin” should be under Senpou Temple, not Ashina.
A few are on Ashina Castle grounds, and you can find a Tengu who rewards you for killing them with the Ashina Techniques text.
there are a couple enimies missing exampl in the ashina army there should be a tier 1 ashina general
where's the leg grabbing earth dwellers in mibu villlage?
Very interesting, All of the enemy is a otherwise Soul game, are quite...Normal.
Most of the enemies are human and mutated human, sprinkle in couple of animals and mutated versions of those animals, 6 Mythological related creatures (not including boss dragon)
That's it.
Ahh, interior ministry, AKA proof From is incapable of making an enjoyable end-game area. More enemies + more stagger = more fun, i guess
git gud
git gud lol
they are mad fun if you know how to fight them lol
they're some of my favorite non-boss enemies
many enimies missing example the better ashina fencer