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I came here to play Sekiro. Not Bloodborne. Even after 6 years Miazaki still hasn't gotten over that high yet
to be fair... has any of us really have gotten over Bloodborne?
Laurence the First Vicar Scholar of the Old Blood Edition
So the Guardian Ape lost its mate when it outlived her, then killed the Sculptor's "mate." Because the Ape was immortal, the Sculptor went mad because he couldn't inflict revenge on Kingfisher's killer, and he was left with the Ape's karmic imprint. Isshin severed his arm to prevent him from becoming Shura, but the festering hatred eventually transformed him into an ape-like demon...

Maybe that's why for Sekiro to recognize him, he has to have made the connection between the Sculptor and the Sunken Valley by giving him both the Ashina sake and the monkey booze (the only varieties required for the hidden dialogue). And maybe that's what the old woman means when she tells him there's still reason to keep faith—because he successfully severed the karmic imprint left by the Ape's own hatred toward its immortal life?
This mf makes Isshin fight like 40% more difficult because by the time you beat this mf thr muscle memory is messed up so badly.
*the ffs
he just takes a long time to grind down. patience is the key, a lot of his attacks/movements gives you some space to use items more liberally.

I used nightjar slash to close the distance that he loves making. Also hit him in the head, stuns him after a few hits. I tried to keep to his right as its easier to get in and get hits after his combos.

I saved malcontent for phase three.

I will say, actually beating the boss was bittersweet. Is this what wolf is destined for? To be consumed by bloodshed and trauma. Istg almost shed a tear when you hear "finish me wolf..."

Kinda makes ya feel bad when a good chunk of people just cheese this boss (i aint gonna lie, i beat him in reflection of strength then cheesed it, im not that much of a masochist
You've mastered the art of deflection. You can time your mikiri counter perfectly every time. You've learned how to dodge and counter, use your shinobi tools to relentlessly assault the enemy. You are a sword master that surpasses Isshin and a shinobi that surpasses Owl

Now, throw away everything you've learned and keep running and turtle behind your umbrella at the slightest sign of an attack
10/10 Jiggle physics
Just got to him in NG+ without Kuro's charm and found out the chip damage applies to the umbrella... This will suck.
Update: actually beat him on my third try. Just goes to show how good the game is at making you feel like you got gud when you revisit bosses that gave you so much trouble before.
Are you sure this boss has enough hp?