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I cant pick up any sen for some reason after killing. Is this a bug? (Xbox one)



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Hold down square (X on xbox I think)
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Some enemies dont drop sen. Also, the tutorial area enemies dont drop it either.
I am on PC but guess it works similar on xbox. To pick up an item quick push while standing next to it, to pick up sen push and hold anywhere in vicinity.
You gotta hold X to absorb it brotha!
Hold X to absorb the Sen
anyone has some sen to spare?
Yeah, after farming enough XP to get all skills, I now have over 300K Sen and don't know what to do with it. I already bought all of the items that have limited quantities and bought every other item at least 100 times, I also have 999 Spirit Emblems.
ive got 20000 and no purses left to buy
I have 60,000 sen in coin purses, and there’s nothing in the game to spend it on, it’s stupid to give it as a reward but then it’s basically useless in this game
Dude, I have something like 2 prosthetic upgrades and can barely gather enough for the better items in the shops, how do you get that much without farming?
Spend it as shuriken ammo.
Yup, I have 60 000 and I need to really go fight the owl boss gor the first time, 999 spirit emblems. I just have to throw it away? I was hoping there's at least some hidden buff that may make your attack power go up or SOMETHING(?) SEN THROW, it's too short range and much weaker than a shuriken. It'll keep a mob back for a 2 seconds. At least in Souls it ALL went into my character build and the left over Souls after leveling up Before bosses etc. I would top- off my arrows. I'll need this after they have me die a few times. Yes hours of farming. Im going to use skill points for attack power next! Sen is nearly pointless. You should've had 999 spirit emblems on level 1 when they were 10ea. I've pretty much never dipped below 920 ever. Farming fills it all back up free.. What the hell with Sen?? No buff or anything. 60k! Smh. ..
If only there was a system in the game where you could spend Sen of skill points or attack power
wait what?
" Upon death, an amount of acquired Sen is lost depending on the percentage of Unseen Aid." is not true tho ?? you lose 50% every death BUT the chance to not lose anything is determined by the Unseen aid...
I think it's just phrased in a weird way, as in the percentage of unseen aid will decide weither or not you lose an amount of acquired sen
To be clear, purses filled with sen are not lost when you die, it is only lost if you decide to OPEN a bag and then die, the phrasing in those item descriptions is kinda strange. Also I'm kinda disappointed that you obtain Heavy Coin Purse as a substitute reward for mini bosses in NG+, sen becomes kinda useless once you upgrade everything and stock up on anything you need. Would be nice if I could donate to merchants to refresh/upgrade their stock, similar to Anayama in the early game.