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I spirited him away before Anayama, so is he gone forever?


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Solaire 2 (:
Less subtle than the other lore theories here, but it's so sad to see Kotaro cry when he was definitely tasked with protecting the children being experimented with when they died. That's what makes sending him to the Halls of Illusion is the best ending, he at least gets to be with them again.


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Video with the Taro Persimon dialogue: youtube. com/watch?v=1Fz82wL2tDU
I think every member of the Taro Troop giants are childlike like Kotaro. The way they attack when you fight them also shows it. It makes me feel bad whenever I have to kill one of them because they really seem like gentle giants who were manipulated into becoming soldiers because of their size and strength. In fact, when you fight the giant shield taro guy (there is one in Senpou temple and one in the second Hirata memory), if you break his shield with the axe, he will stop attacking, start crying and cover in fear. The guys with hammers and bats will also start tantruming if you fight them for a while and you keep hitting them and deflecting (thats when they do the big combo bashing attack).
They surely got abused for war because of their strength, one giant Taro Troop in Ashina Outskirts (the first you encounter) is crying, while he drags his bat with him. The one in Ashina Castle with the bell plays with the wolfs/dogs and is doing no harm until you approach. Ashina probably forced them to fight.
to add on to the other dude, there is also one crying so hard he wont initiate with you near the ashina castle near the end of the game.
BEST OPTION B : Altho you get infinite amount of Ako Sugar from Anayama is a very good idea... not only that but also when u kill the Divine Dragon then ( Set a Blaze ) you can find Anayama & Kotaro lying back of where the Shop is.. there is the Promissorey Note ( 10% On All Merchant Items ). This Note also carries on NG+'s which is great for grinding divine confetti's & other sugars. I see this the best option. All other options are only a 1 use Item like Taro Parsimmon & the Red Lumps which is a waste. The child of Reju waters quest for dragon's homecoming is well surely done by normal Persimmons ( The Mob Merchant behind Shugendo Idol sells 3 Persimmons ). So Option B is Best
I was looking specifically if someone knows about this. Why have to use the Red and White Pinwheel AFTER defeating Genichiro, why not before?
Is it me or he sounds just like Patrick Star?
kotaro is dead near the stairway bonfire, and anayama vanished :(
Don’t send him to doujun you heartless bastards