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Fighting this pair is a small price to pay because id rather fight them than that cheating snake eyes and his whole entourage. Id rather have the headless ape go through there and tear up their encampment before heading in.
Wait does the ape kill Snake eyes if you get rid of guardian ape first???
To answer the other person, no. Fighting guardian ape first changes the environment where Snake Eyes is fought, resulting in less enemies around the mini boss. So it's your choice, Snake eyes and her entire set of gunmen and skipping Headless Ape, or Headless Ape but a much easier environment to fight Snake Eyes in.
Now I see why this game almost always lets you take enemies on one at a time
Weird that you can skip this fight by going to the Hidden Forest before you kill Guardian Ape, but that at the same time it's impossible to kill Guardian Ape with the Moral Blade when you first encounter him, provided you've already been to Senpou Temple. I think that would've been a cool secret.



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The obligatory dogshit gank boss fight