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"Oh no lightning, our one true weakness"
Oh come on, genichiro comes back 30000 times, but a literal god and one of the best fights in the gang has one healthbar
I mean you aren't killing the dragon, just beating it up to steal some eye juice
Kuwabara Kuwabara
The guide doesn't stress this enough, this should be the VERY FINAL LAST Boss you kill before you are certain of your ending.
I love the boss fight, but killing the dragon will directly get you into final stage of game.
The guide should stress it more that the game changes after this. Like you can't give Kuro any more more items because he is the final boss area now..
the lore theory on its missing left arm is pure bs. I mean once you're stating it to be immortal/eternal and literally a god and Takeru just just ripped off his arm? bs
Terrible boss
This was a really difficult cutscene