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By Anonymous
Under the assumption you still need help, I can only help with King of Storms as I haven't beaten Nameless yet. If you have that one down, ignore this. First, using lightning in this phase makes it a lot easier. I reccomend using a lightning Lothric sword or the Dragonslayer spear. For the spear you need 20 dex. Very important is to NOT GET UNDER THE DRAGON. If you do he spams the attack where he goes into the air and does an aoe fire attack that is stupid powerful and hard to dodge. He also uses an attack similar to that but he flies around the arena and chucks a lightning bolt at you. I reccomend dashing in the direction he isn't going. Think he goes clockwise you go counterclockwise. He also has an attack where he puts his head down and breath fire. He takes a while to recover so attack after he does it. Nameless can sometimes stab with his spear from atop the dragon but just role out of the way. He can dash across the arena and Nameless drags his spear across the ground doing lightning damage. His weak points are his head, neck, and wings. I also reccomend having a fire aspect weapon in your back pocket for the fight after killing the dragon because Nameless is actively resistant to lightning but weak to fire. Don't take this verbatim because I am still working on the fight. Just reccomend high strength, vigor, and a lighting weapon with a fire weapon in your back pocket for when Nameless attack you mono e mono. Good luck Ashen One.