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I have searched high and low and been asking around from Twitter to Youtube.

Smithing Text seems to be dropped from Mitsume Yazura (8 Headed Demon) from Corpses and Ice or anytime before or after you've seen the enemy. (No confirmation from any source at this time.)

They were shown in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-IsI_RsUgo&t=7s (so far from the demo, so I know I am not going crazy or assumed they are in here.)

Someone mentioned they were dropped from a side quest but have not stated which one, I am currently in Twilight and I assume close to beating game, but so far nothing resembling or related to the defiant honor DLC enemy.

anyone have proof or confirmation on how and where to get these, much appreciated.

EDIT: The Dream's End quest will give Sarutobi's Gunsticks (Blue) One Time.


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I farmer Mistumis for a few hours today no luck. Went to finish my NG play through and the Gunsticks text dropped off Otakemaru.


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Yep, Otakemaru drops the text.


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Interesting thanks