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which one is better i want to try lord of fallen. r they = or is one harder then the other
They are very much alike in the sense of "loneliness" of the protagonist, the destroyed surroundings the gameplay sense and aesthetic in general and in the duality of your protagonist's nature (they can end up good or bad). They are different however in that LotF is harder and that makes it take even longer to finish, LotF is longer. My advice is to try out BbF first since it came out earlier and if you get bored just cheat your way through the story :P Bbf has an intriguing story and characters it's defenitely worth checking it out just for that. It's not really a long game, either.
it's a terrible game. just don't bother.
has anyone gotten the shielding map if so can someone help me get it?
u need to clear the labyrinth (boss not included)
My husband is on his second play through after beating it. He is now in Game+ mode and has waited for this DLC to come out. He can't find where to get into the labyrinth. I read on here that you defeat the beast and then talk to the crafter. Does he have to beat the game again in order to access the DLC since he went back and started a game on game plus?
--- spoilers ---

can someone tell: how can I understand if the bosses magic school is set to fire? the 3 rings whichone has to be fire ???

and is it enough to kill the judge with the new dlc weapon with the final strike - for the achievement?

How about asia zone for the DLC, never release?
Talk to the Smith, he mentions a new realm he found. It ironically says so in the DLC description.
pull the lever 2 times so the fire symbol is on top of the ring and its set to fire
How do you kill the keeper
Attack his barrier until it's almost empty. He'll start looking around angrily and summon a section of wall on the outer rim of the arena. He'll then attack it with lightning to attract fragments of the wall to himself, replenishing his barrier. To prevent this, position yourself between him and the wall and use your initial Spell (Prayer, I think is the name). Then run around the wall and stay behind it.

The Keeper will be unable to replenish his barrier, will roar out in frustration and let out a huge explosion that will kill you instantly if you're not protected behind the wall. The explosion will damage him for 25% of his health and the fight will resume. Rinse and repeat until he has only 1/4th of his health left and he'll fight you directly.

I've only seen him use 2 attacks on his last phase, which are both physical attacks he occasionaly uses in the previous phases if you get within melee range. However, these attacks are much more damaging in this final phase of the battle. Be careful not to take too many unnecessary hits. Wail at him till he goes down and you're done.
This site will help you out a lot in any game, including LOTF
All you have to do is get his health down until he starts looking around and points and raises a wall. He will start trying to replenish his shield. What you do is hit him once, once you see him point and cast your prayer spell and DON'T I repeat, DON'T move. The Prayer spell will absorb the attack and defend you. Whatever you do, Don't do what Anonymous (11 Jul 2016 16:46) stated, by casting prayer and trying to run behind the wall. You'll die.
Don't also try to run behind the wall once you hit him after he points as you have about 2.5 seconds to do so. It can be done, this way but why bother when you can cast the prayer spell and wait?

One last thing though. As a two handed great weapon user, strength build, I don't know if it's a bug, but if you do a two handed light or heavy attack after he points, once you cast the prayer spell you will find that you're off alignment to the keeper and the prayer avatar will be to your right. You will instantly be one hit killed as you won't have time to get behind it. A two handed, running attack seems to put your prayer spell, once you cast it, directly between you and the keeper.


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how do you even parry the ghostly skeletons along your way to the keeper >.> can they even be parried ? also, is it normal that my full heavy armor set is still not enough to not get one-shotted by those skeletons combos ? i used the lord armor and i get 1 shotted or 2 shotted by those skeletons. if anyone knows how to parry lemme know, this is driving me crazy.