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there is no delay between the time the book-case appears and the books shoot out of it. what is wrong?
if your a low level or under geared you need to hit him ,look for him to look kinda panic he will summon the case but don't get over excited and hit the defense down to fast may result in no shelf to hide behind,once the shelf is summon blast him just be careful not to over extend in attacks,that cost you time to move to cover but this guy should be approach with someone that has a minimum of at least 18 health potions wearing the legendary one set should sufficient as a melee setup have like a poison weapon imbued to dot the books
can't understand this section because the "english" is so broken. sux.
To anyone having trouble with this fight, because surely I had and I thought I have to do something in the labyrinth first before fighting him...attack the guy until his shield is almost down, then wait a bit, he will look around and then point into one direction. IMPORTANT NOW: Align your back with the place the Keeper pointed at, there will be a bookcase and by having your back to it, it means you are as close to it as possible. Now deal your final punch so that his shield goes down, immediately run to the bookcase and hide behind it. If you are anywhere but with your back to the bookcase with your last hit, you won't make it, no matter how low your equip burden. Maybe it's a bug, but at least for me it was this tight every time.
this boss is incredibly annoying!!!
This Site is so broken with too many false informations.