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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Thanks for this Tutorial and this info, helped me a lot :-)
strange i had it upgraded when i died i was back to the normal version. bug?
probably you havnt save the game at a checkpoint
I don't think this is what happened to you but for information's sake: sometimes you can get two copies of the hammer if you're prompted to pick it up twice (just happened for me). When upgraded you'll have one upgraded version and one basic, pretty neat for the collection :D
Incorrect upgraded damage. My heirloom upgraded says 30phys 30magic 30fire and 30 lightning. It doesn't have poison.
Can this be used against anihilator in order to get his secret weapon?
Yes it can
yoel the soldier of god romero
The damage stacks:
first swing 90dmg, the 2nd 180
3rd 270 and 4th 360
or am i stupid?
lol. All weapons' damage "stack" the same way.
Yes you are stupid, its the combo dmg you see. 90+90=180+90=270...