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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The Sacred Hallways/ The Portal section is all wrong, it does not exist. After you pull the switch and go through the door on the Southern Edge it only takes you back to the place where you fight the Infiltrator. There are no 2 Tyrants when you go down the stairs, there is no 3 Rhogar when you go up the steps (only one and a shortcut back to the plaza where you start in the Rhogar realm). Get it straight or don't create guides



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The corridor area before the Infiltrator arena is called the Sacred Hallways, and the Infiltrator is fought in an arena called The Portal, so the locations mentioned are correct :)

Also, I dunno why they didn't show up for you, but I can 100% confirm that there's two Tyrants standing around in The Portal arena, at least for me in my game.
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The tyrants location is wrong, they are on the infiltrator boss arena


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They appear there after you encounter the demon with Yetka
following this walkthough actually got me stuck ...
This guide is garbage
Needs a bit of tweaking around the bit when you lower the first lever with the annihilator and leave in to the portal bit ...

other than that, its helped me so far!