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Why isn't this set more popular? I rarely see it on revenents and I think its very strong, sure you lose backstab bonus but with the full set you're rocking 11% melee damage... That's the highest I've seen in any set. It does have its cons though, 7 pieces means it takes up a lot of space in your inventory and the swords lack of built in lightning effect is weird given the set boosts lightning damage by 15% but run with Raikiri instead and you melt mini bosses in 2 combos. The only waste is the boost to Tiger Running because Iai is just better imo.
I was pairing the set with the lightning imbued dual swords. It was a good build, but I generally do better on a lightning build with the Master Archer set. The extra toughness and defense is worth the extra weight/ less damage.
Wave swimmer and warrior of the west bow are the other two pieces to the set
I have 8 pieces and no versatility.
Dream of the Nioh only thing, set pieces need to be ethereal for it to unlock