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Is it me or does nothing drones seem worth the fights............



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I feel like pale shade should be listed, especially with how many miss that invasion
Hi, I'm writing this because I'm a little confused on certain aspects, I don't know who to ask. This is my first walkthrough of DS3. So I got invaded by an NPC in the Kiln of the First Flame, some Lilian of Londor (I'm spanish, so I would assume it would be Lilliane). She wears Yuria's set and wields a katana and the dark hand. The thing is the katana at the very least has the weapon art of the Frayed blade, at least the strong attack one.
I haven't found info about her here.
So did you know about this? I would assume so, still... (Of course, do you know if you get equipment from defeating her?)

So my playthrough went like this. Got the game with the full dlcs, complete edition. Basically got teh dark sigils, and Yuria calls me Lord of Hollows, defeated Friede before Sulivahn so got to speak to her about it. Killed the pilgrim at Yorshka's church to save Anri and proceed with her questline to defeat Aldrich, then spoke to Yuria in Firelink, she breaks ties and she disappears from Firelink. Gave eyes to the Firekeeper, chose the great betrayal, all before putting the lords' cinders and then I'm at the Kiln. Haven't gotten to the Ringed city yet, it's what I'm gonna do before Soul fo Cinder. And this happens.

So anyone has a clue about this?
Same guy here. Yeah probably was a player. Weird though. Totally felt like an NPC, the invasion was almost instant after I lighted the bonfire and she seemed to behave like an NPC... mmmm.
Why I can't be invaded?
cuz you aren't embered, bruh
or ur playing offline or ur not using ember