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Praise the egg!
Came for the egg,stayed for the yokes.
This sucks dude I’m still playing og darks souls and I never knew about this I was just chilling on this new character that I made which was one of my favourites, I had killed ornstein last and hit his armour which was a first for me and I got the black knight halberd drop. I went to go kill the 4 kings took me two tries got the dark hand and tried stealing humanity from that egg sack dude in quelaags domain accidentally killed him went outside in the demon ruins get grappled by on of the egg sack guys go to kill ceaseless discharge and right when I enter I have a egg on my head and can’t do anything about it........gotta love dark souls am I right?
Get another egg vermifuge
Check out the vermifuges own page,you can get it a lot more ways
well you can find the as drop from those kinda weird tree snakes just around those stone knights near moonlight bf..GH
it sucks that the new kick animation doesn't infect other players cause that would make this mechanic more well known and interesting
twinks will troll new players like that
Eggstreme eggsicution tournament
Does the egg disappear when you die?
No you must cure it with a vermifuge
Eggciting! Hope those egg guys won't grap me, eggcept for the time where I want this.
That pun was eggcellent.
Egg use me?
Despite you comedy being most Eggtertaining, the sheer amount of puns is eggstrodinarily eggravating
Please stop egging him on...
Naked egghead, with calamity and dusk crown rings. Bring it on.
Also called 'no hit run'. So what? ;-)
Dose he still sell you the stuff when you remove it?
Yes, so don't worry about it.
Yes, so don't worry about it.
Hell yeah dude
*under usage "pyromancy glove" I think you mean pyromancy flame
*Jungle inferno intensifies*
Do you expect any better from fextralife?
(fixes glases): uhmmm actually ...
DS2 & 3 have pyromancy flame. This is DS1
This got me the achievement "Bond of a Pyromancer". Im so close to Platinum Trophies.